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Well, I think anyone that has seen the site used to cyber-bully someone will agree with me when I say it’s a load of rubbish. I think the original idea of a question-and-answer website was a good one, but there are multiple flaws with the site as it stands.

1. That you cannot block anonymous users: if you are getting spammed or bullied by an anonymous user and want it to stop, you can’t block them, because they’re anonymous.

2. There is no questions filter: You should be prompted to spell words correctly, and if a swear word or other cuss word is detected there should be a moderator checking that it isn’t offending the user that asked it.

3. There is an anonymous option: It makes it easy for the people that don’t like yo to insult you, resulting in anonymous profile trolls and spammers. Also, if you are not brave enough to ask them to their face, then don’t you think you shouldn’t ask them at all?

4. No-one reads the posting guidelines: It should be at least obvious from your profile how to get there, and users should be prompted to read them every now and then.

5. People don’t realise that if reported for repeated abusive¬†behaviour, Formspring can get the authorities involved as you are responsible for anything you post, anonymous or not: same as above. Regular prompting and obvious placement of the link to the rules.

If everyone stuck to the rules there wouldn’t really be a problem with the site, but illiterate, ignorant “cool” people, especially teenagers it seems, don’t bother and therefore the site has been run into the ground.

Although the abusive behaviour is disgusting, some rather amusing situations can occur. Come on, seriously? If you’re going to insult someone, at least do it properly.


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