Me, talking in my long-winded way about things that catch my eye.

When regarding the weather, most people tend to have a favourite type of it, and a favourite season in which this type of weather occurs most. Some people, particularly people that don’t drive, like snow the most and therefore spend the entire winter praying for the rain to freeze. Others enjoy the sun, so spend their summers wishing they were on some sandy beach somewhere hot.

Everyone has a favourite. It’s only human nature to take sides in things beyond our control, and curse our lucky stars when things don’t go to plan. We’re selfish. We only want everything to go how we want it to go, and if it doesn’t, it ruins our day.

I, of course, am as guilty of the above as I’m sure you are.

I find it rather strange, however, when someone that likes flowers and spring likes the sun and never the rain. Oh the moaning we have to endure from the people worried about their hair getting damp, oh the complaining from those that don’t want their makeup to run. It’s unbearable! But when the sort of person that would spend all day tending their beloved flowers tells me they hate the rain, I can’t help but double-take. How, pray, would their beloved flowers live without rain?

How, pray, would any of us live without rain? It’s all very well liking sunshine but how can one compare warmth to life itself?

All this weather favouritism is stupid, childish and in some cases very vain. Who cares if your hair will go a bit flat? Not me, that’s a given.

What’s my favourite weather? Well, I tend to stay away from the great outdoors. All that dirt and pollution is too unsanitary. Don’t you agree?


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