Me, talking in my long-winded way about things that catch my eye.

What am I like?

There is no good without evil.

Have you ever noticed that people tend to ask you “what are you like?” when they are disappointed or amused? If not, then it seems it’s only the people I know that say this on a regular basis. I thought, as it is my fourth blog, I ought to tell you a little bit about me, as I suppose people will wonder eventually.

Name: Daniel

Age: *censored*

Location: Wherever you want to imagine me.

Ethnicity: Caucasian (i.e. I’m rather pale)

Religion: Know ye not that ye are God’s temple and that God dwellth in you?

Hair colour: dark blonde. Halfway between being dark and being blonde. Yellowish grey I suppose.

Eye colour: Light blue or grey.

Right or left handed: extremely right-handed

Heritage: English, Welsh and Irish (that’s Eire, not Northern Ireland.)

Description of character: I tend to be quite socially and emotionally distant, preferring to think things over than to say them aloud to other people, partly because I am afraid they would reach for a dictionary at times, and partly because my internal musings are often too rambling to even be shared in the form of an online blog, let alone in spoken text. I prefer to be left well alone than to be in the company of one of my peers for longer than I have to be, and yes, to use a slang term I am a “loner”. I am a little paranoid and I am constantly attempting to better my knowledge of everything I can, paranoid as I am that I’m missing something important.

As I say frequently, just because I helped you this once, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be spitting on your grave later. I hope that I won’t have to track you down to spit on yours.

I am not a religious man in the ways of practised sermons and prayers, rather I have my own views on this life and how we should live it, as well as life after death and the beginnings of all. Generally, on the aspect of morality, I agree with the Christians. Generally.


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